The Artists

Amanda-Leigh Player Hall is a South African artist now living in Philadelphia. Born and raised in South Africa, she is a graduate of the University of Cape Town with a Bachelors Dergree in Architectural Studies. Since immigrating to the United States, she has completed a Masters in Fine Arts from Brigham Young University. Her art has achieved international recognition and she has enjoyed success as a fine art painter, interior designer and art director. Her work and use of mixed media and multi layering is clearly influenced by her South African roots and eclectic upbringing. She is passionate about women’s issues and is active in her community bringing hope and support to suffering and deserted women, helping them transcend circumstance. She experienced the pain of divorce and the challenges of being a single mother but now finds joy in marriage and mothering a blended family of seven children.

Amanda Coe is a New York based photographer with an emphasis on fashion industry and the fine art exploration of individuals in the context of time, place and space. Her work shows a particular skill in manipulation light and shadow to emphasize the both the inner strength and turmoil of her subjects. A well-known New York fashion photographer currently employs her as his primary assistant allowing her time and space to define her artistic vision. She is a graduate of Salt Lake Community College where she studied photography. Amanda is single and divorced and thriving.