Our Vision

Healing is a universal experience that is worthy of exploring through art. An artist’s life experience informs his or her art and provides it with context and relevance. And so it is with us- we have faced personal disaster that foreshadowed tragedy. But through perseverance, guts, spiritual strength and art, we have healed. Our intent is to explore the theme of feminine pain and suffering and the lightness of redemption, through a mixed-media presentation.

We are particularly intrigued by the symbolic representation of suffering and redemption:

  • Amanda-Leigh Player Hall’s vision is centered on the aloe, a plant with an organic form that thrives in an arid, rocky and inhospitable environment. Despite the often hostile conditions in which it grows, aloe offers medicinal properties that heal and flowers that brighten the barren landscape. The aloe is indomitable, indefatigable, hopeful and healing – notwithstanding its hostile context. Her depictions of the aloe are set against geometric backgrounds symbolic of the harsh, repetitive, monotonous and deserted landscape – thereby exposing the healing beauty of the aloe in unexpected ways. Amanda-Leigh is interested in studying the limiting patterns that stifle life and one’s ability to transcend and flourish.
  • Amanda Coe’s photography explores the rippling effect of loss through families, communities and cultures and the power of redemption found in selfless relationships. Her art proves that the suffering of the lonely degrades all. A soldier may die alone and a widow may grieve in isolation, but the poignant loss is shared across time and generations. Relationships, cultures and communities are emblematic of both suffering and healing. Art can explore the edges and overlap between the seeming contradictions.

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