Most of us have been guilty of relying on someone or something else to bring us happiness. The series represents how, even though we may not be physically alone, we often feel isolated and completely alone. In fact, being alone in a crowd, a family or a relationship may be the worst kind of isolation. The choice to find strength within us individually will bring tangible comfort. We want to celebrate making the choice to find the happiness within us.

Acrylic Paint & Mixed Media on Masonite Panel: The aloe is presented against a diamond background alternating between fullness and emptiness. It suggests that we can fill ourselves with light by choice and in a way that is not dependent on circumstance.

Cyanotype Diptych: The hand-holding diptych teaches us to be together while keeping our individuality. We celebrate our independent strength and share it with others. While we may lead one another through episodes – we do so without compulsion or abuse. We choose to hold hands gently.

File Apr 22, 10 50 30 AMIMG_4215


The images included in this body are cyanotypes. We made the paper light sensitive by coating it with chemicals and then exposed the paper to sunlight.

File Apr 22, 3 38 04 PM File Apr 22, 9 35 39 AM File Apr 22, 9 35 24 AM File Apr 22, 9 35 09 AMFile Apr 22, 9 34 59 AM

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