Conflicting emotions beset us all. There is always a push and a pull. We experience fear and faith, doubt and confidence. We contend with conflicting voices and strength sapping distractions. The wise find a confident foundation and thus transcend the fracas. This series celebrates the action we each take in order to overcome these contractions. Where do you go to find solace? What can you do to overcome the fear? How do you find confidence and purpose? These are personal questions we each need to ask divinity and ourselves and then be open to follow our hearts.

We expressed these contradictions by contrast using lights and darks, black and white and bright colors. We see symbolic contrast in urban and rural environments. We recognize that each of us have choices to make. A measure of joy can be held in every circumstance.

Acrylic Paint & Mixed Media on Masonite Panel: The aloe is depicted against a colorful background representing how distracting and head-spinning things might surround us without overtaking us.

Color Photograph: The aloe is depicted against a colorless urban residence teaching that healing is available in light and dark, color and monochrome.

Circular Collage: The colorful collage images juxtapose against the monochrome urban scene. It suggests the universality of influence and healing.

Stark_Circle File Apr 22, 10 50 44 AM Photo Dec 10, 2 15 06 PM File Apr 22, 9 20 44 AM File Apr 22, 9 23 22 AM

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