We are such damning critics. Barriers of our own making are often the very things that keep us from our truth selves.   Inadequacy, doubt, fear, anxiety and addictions fence us in. After a traumatic event there are two choices: Bitterness that looks inward to our grievance or hope that looks outward to a choice of happiness. Wisdom is found when we accept that goodness can arise from seeming misfortune.

Circular Collage: The image of a fence is juxtaposed with an aloe. It represents the choice between erecting a fence as a barrier or a gate to a fresh pathway. The aloe heals and gives us the strength to walk through gates rather than cower behind a fence.

Acrylic Paint & Mixed Media on Masonite Panel: The graphic background represents the cyclical nature of life. The aloe represents the choice to heal.

Diptych: The beautiful winter landscape is viewed from behind a barrier symbolizing an invitation to surmount the barrier.

Ink Jet Print: A fence presented in a short field of focus, symbolizing how focus on the barrier can take beauty out of our field of vision.

File Apr 22, 10 50 22 AM Barrier_circle Photo Jan 18, 12 34 38 AM barrier barrier-2 IMG_5256

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