The Disillusion of Divorce

We know firsthand that pain arises from a failed marriage relationship. It occurs and reoccurs, lasts long and leaves scars. It is not from the technical legal finality of divorce but rather the emotional and physical separation from people we love. Disunion causes isolation and even hopelessness. Lives are fast paced and move quickly and seem to swirl about. We witness the progression of others but feel mired. The pathway seems unattainable and forward movement is ineffectual. Our realization that this is a shared and common experience has given us comfort and renewed our strength. We rely on each other and do not stand apart.

Circular Collage: The grated pattern that overlays the piece represents separation. The aloe image and blue sky indicate the healing power that is available even in a harsh and hopeless environment.

Acrylic Paint & Mixed Media on Masonite Panel: A thematic grate representing separation, overlaid with hope represented by the aloe.

Triptych, Glue Transferred Photographs: The train station, airport terminal and bridge represent physical separation from loved ones. The travel theme teaches a duality of choice. It is a metaphor teaching either a finality of isolation through separation or an effective pathway forward. You choose.

AloneCrowd_CircleFile Apr 22, 10 50 11 AM

These images will be transferred to glue and then mounted on glass. The transfer process will allow for more light to shine through the image.

Train Airport

Train_72 IMG_4953

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